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About Us

Many BBQ and steak sauces today lack authenticity and that bold, exciting flavor that so many seek. At Berdeaux's Vintage Sauces & Seasonings however, we've perfected our family recipes for unique blends that have been passed down for over 71 years. As our name implies, we're a true account of what it means to uphold tradition. And that is evident in the intriguing, genuine flavors of our sauces and seasonings.
The early roots of our first sauces began with our Vintage Steak and Simply Creole BBQ sauce that was specially crafted in the 1900s at the Pickwick Cafe in Montgomery, AL.
Overtime, Pickwick became Alabama's best restaurant in town for steaks, BBQ, and chops. The executive chef of that day was actually the grandfather of current owner, Jim Berdeaux. Pickwick's famed reputation eventually earned them a plaque displayed at their entrance that reads, "Approved By Duncan Hines" - known at the time to be the the premiere restaurant rating entity in the USA.