Berdeaux Sauces

Recipe suggestions for using Berdeaux Sauces

No MSG, No GMO, No HFCS... No Chemicals!

Vintage Revenge Steak sauce should never be served cold. Natural spices love heat. Pour desired amount into cup and microwave (15-25) seconds to maximize flavor.

Vintage Steak uses:

  • Meat Loaf - make as usual but replace (bread or crackers) with small garlic or butter garlic croutons but marinate them with "Vintage Steak" or "Simply Creole" sauce for about (1-2) hours in covered container. Allow sauce to soak into croutons but not too long as to make them soggy. If this happens add additional (crushed) croutons to increase bulk. Bulk is what makes meatloaf good and airy. Mix ingredients and cook per usual cooking time. Be sure to coat top of meat loaf with your chosen Vintage sauce.

Sweet Island sauce uses:

  • Hawaiian BBQ/Glaze great for chicken or ribs. Mix (2) parts of “Sweet Island” sauce to (1) part pureed Peach preserves. Place the mixture into a blender and puree in order to reduce the size of peach solids. Then brush the mixture on your meat the last (15 ) or so minutes of grilling in order to allow the sauce to caramelized on both sides of food. Serve, eat and enjoy. Unique Option: mix 50% 'Sweet Island" with 50% a pureed Orange Marmalade of your choice. Prepare and use as above.
  • "Caribbean Cocktail" sauce: Mix (3) parts of "Caribbean" to (1) part of "Sweet Island" sauce and you get a gentle Island sweet heat. This makes an inceredable BBQ Sauce for pork or chicken.
  • Hawaiian Chicken salad: Pickup a roasted chicken from Costco, Sam’s Club or Walmart ,etc.. Tear or chop meat into smaller salad pieces. Chop pineapple rings (packed in light syrup) into small chunks. Toast some pecans and likewise chop them into smaller pieces but don’t chop real fine. Quantities of ingredients are subject to your personal tastes. But experimenting is fun. Some folks like to add small grapes but not me. Mix all items above with “Sweet Island” sauce replacing high calorie & cholesterol mayo, although; some folks will add a small amount of mayo anyway. Old habits are hard to change. Enjoy!
  • Hawaiian Baked Ham: Brush “Sweet Island” sauce on ham (15) minutes before conclusion of cooking time. A second coat of sauce can be applied when ham exits the oven. You can use with pineapple rings as a garnish.
  • Hawaiian Hot Dog: Replace sweet pickle relish with “Sweet Island” sauce. A small amount of regular mustard can be used to reduce the amount of sweet taste if “Sweet Island” is too sweet tasting for you. You may mix a little horseradish in "Sweet Island" and if so, you will note that it is now a little warmer creating a hot dog with spicy heat. Add onions or kraut for taste.
  • The perfect Hawaiian Cocktail sauce: “Sweet Island” is so universal. Dip shrimp or any seafood in this flavorful sauce and for a spicier presentation you may want to add extra horseradish. Extra horseradish reduces the sweet taste. Too much will kill the sweet.
  • Use “Sweet Island” as great dip for oriental egg rolls or spring rolls.
  • Use "Sweet Island" as condiment for all kinds of sandwiches; smoke turkey or ham etc.
  • A true southern delight: Use “Sweet Island” on fried (bologna/boloney) sandwich & add lettuce if desired. Should you like pineapple; add a pineapple ring and a slice of cheese.
  • “Sweet Island” is great as glaze to pork loin.

Simply Creole uses:

  • “Simply Creole” BBQ Sauce with it’s (21) extra creole spices can be added to soups, stews etc.
  • Add "Simply Creole" when cooking beef roast in crock pot. Add (1/2 – 1) cup of “Simply Creole” sauce to enhance flavor.
  • Use "Simply Creole" as a marinade for venison – marinate (24 – 48) hours prior to cooking with nearly (40) spices and ingredients venison will taste better than ever. Minimizes wild game taste. Special Note: Add prepared horseradish to "Simply Creole" to increase heat/spiciness of sauce.
  • Special dipping sauce. Mix (3) parts of “Simply Creole” to (1) part of “Sweet Island” and you get a gentle Cajun sweet heat. Make a palate pleasing dip for shrimp, oysters and for some; a BBQ for pork dishes.

Caribbean Cocktail uses:

Super unique island cocktail sauce --- plenty of spice for your shrimp. So much flavor in fact, don't hesitate to use on any meat as a bar-b-que. For ribs, i've mixed (3) parts of "Caribbean Cocktail" with (1) part of "Sweet Island" which makes a delicious BBQ Sauce.

Rub uses:

  • Austin Steak rub - great to wipe steak with a little olive oil, front and back. Also, mix in homemade hamburgers, as well as dusting pre-made burgers. The longer it marinates the better. Remember, lots of seasoning = lots of flavor naturally!!! Can be used on venison.
  • Bourbon Molasses rub - when applied liberally to chops or chicken = sweet flavor with slight heat. The longer it is applied, the better the taste. You must experiment.