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Berdeaux Sauces - Pickwic Cafe/Hotel

Many BBQ and steak sauces today are not of vintage origins, nor do they have an exciting/ bold taste conjuring up a sauce with attitude. Berdeaux's "Vintage Revenge" sauces are family recipes that have a 71 year history with thousands of past and present tantalized patrons of this gourmet selection of condiments.

With loyal followers from 1900 - 1949, the legendary Pickwick Cafe in Montgomery, Alabama was the best restaurant in town for steaks, BBQ, and chops. The historical society states that the Pickwick proudly displayed a plaque which stated," Approved By Duncan Hines".

No MSG, No GMO, No HFCS... No Chemicals!

In those days, Duncan Hines was the foremost food rating entity in America. Our grandfather, Rufus White, was the chef at the cafe where he formulated the recipes circa 1945. From just (3) blocks up Dexter Avenue; governors and legislators from the Alabama state capitol would arrive daily for superb lunches and fine dining nightly at the Pickwick Cafe.

What a privilege to reintroduce sauces that truly are of historic origin having (7) unique flavors in one sauce. Your palate will experience an extravaganza of flavor, producing a smile on your face.

Caribbean Cocktail Sauce


Caribbean Island” sauce is both a sweet/sassy flavor with just a slight touch of heat. This sauce will impress your palate with flavors characteristic of the Caribbean Islands. A unique blend of (38) exotic spices and ingredients guaranteed to make anyone an Island Chef on your grill.


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